Going back to being ME!

For the past couple of months I have abandoned myself a lot -YES, let’s not get into writing mumbo jumbo- I stopped exercising since I got back in January from my (not so fun) holiday trip to Miami, I didn’t want to cook anymore (I don’t find it fun to cook for myself, but I got to a point where I even unplugged the fridge), I stopped going to Yoga (something I loved!), I started procrastinating with multiple t
hings from my daily life (house chores) and that motivational poster I was building? Well…it was left to collect dust right next to my Yoga mat in a corner of my living room, and everyday I would ask myself non-stop the same hammering question: “What is wrong with me?”. I had no clue. And seriously, I didn’t! As sad as it sounds, I kind of started feeling comfortable being in that state of mind and tried not to pay attention to my surroundings, even though deep inside I knew I was not “ok” and that it wasn’t me, AT ALL!
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The Reason Why I Speak (…a good bit of) Japanese


Most of you ask me perplexed why is it that I can speak and write in Japanese, well…I used to live in Japan when I was a child, my parents resolved to move to Japan (I have no idea why, they might have as well chosen Russia for that matter) since they knew a couple of people who live there and thought it was a sound idea. I spent a couple of years in Japan and picked up the language pretty fast and even went to school there and so did my brother (Kindergarten that is). Continue reading