The Reason Why I Speak (…a good bit of) Japanese


Most of you ask me perplexed why is it that I can speak and write in Japanese, well…I used to live in Japan when I was a child, my parents resolved to move to Japan (I have no idea why, they might have as well chosen Russia for that matter) since they knew a couple of people who live there and thought it was a sound idea. I spent a couple of years in Japan and picked up the language pretty fast and even went to school there and so did my brother (Kindergarten that is). Continue reading


About Multilingual Parenting and Other Things!

One of my FB friends recently posted an article from this website and I have to say, it’s a great blog! Written by Finnish sociologist Rita Rosenback, a multilingual herself or course, brings you many different articles all related to multilingual families raising bilingual children from A-B-Cs for parents bringing up bilingual children to  understanding how the brain speaks two languages and many other articles with very valuable information to keep in mind. Continue reading