The Reason Why I Speak (…a good bit of) Japanese


Most of you ask me perplexed why is it that I can speak and write in Japanese, well…I used to live in Japan when I was a child, my parents resolved to move to Japan (I have no idea why, they might have as well chosen Russia for that matter) since they knew a couple of people who live there and thought it was a sound idea. I spent a couple of years in Japan and picked up the language pretty fast and even went to school there and so did my brother (Kindergarten that is).


Life is COMPLETELY different as from ours here the westerners; customs, history, traditions, mentality, politics, way of life, EVERYTHING! But somehow we were able to accommodate our different selves and spent one of the greatest years of my life. Even though I was still a child, I can still remember a lot of our life in Japan, and that is why I have always been obsessed with going back to Fujioka someday. I go through my mental images of the streets, the school, shopping centers, Tokyo, the Shinkansen and I can still hear the tunes from the Bon Festival. I yearn so much of going back that I found my old elementary school’s website a couple of weeks ago!! And so I decided to start a saving plan to go back but before that to save up for a TEFL course in order to go as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) or as an English Teacher or Monitor. I might not be a well paid job but that is not part of my goal, I want to go back and feel the happiness I felt when I was a child, and that my friends is the fuel of this.




One day I will be posting a picture of my plane ticket and words will not be enough to describe that moment and I will cry of happiness until my eyes pop out of my head haha 😀


What do you think? Leave a reply! :)

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