About Multilingual Parenting and Other Things!

One of my FB friends recently posted an article from this website and I have to say, it’s a great blog! Written by Finnish sociologist Rita Rosenback, a multilingual herself or course, brings you many different articles all related to multilingual families raising bilingual children from A-B-Cs for parents bringing up bilingual children to  understanding how the brain speaks two languages and many other articles with very valuable information to keep in mind.

I am also including an interview related to the myths about bilingual children, very interesting too:

The reason why I am posting this is because a few months ago while talking with friends about bilingualism in kids and how we would raise them (I have no kids by the way) I said I would talk to my kids in English most of the time rather than in Spanish, that is if I am still in Colombia -and if I get to have kids- and vice versa if I would be living in the states; one of them stated it was non sense, that people who talk to their kids in a different language on the street sound ridiculous and conceited. Luckily, I am just an acquaintance of this person – she happened to go there with one of my friends. Continuing with the conversation I asked her which languages she speaks besides Spanish, to which of course she answered “well…just Spanish…”. After that night I started thinking how would I raise a bilingual child correctly and what would be the do’s and don’ts. To all readers out there that are raising bilingual children, what has been the most difficult aspect about it? and what are your thoughts about raising bilingual children? I am eager to know!

Hope you liked the info as much as I did!





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